Ferrite Powder
for bonded magnets
for MnZn ferrite
Ferric Oxide

for sintered metals, hard/soft ferrite,ceramic parts,etc.

for hard ferrite,soft ferrite,bonded magnets,etc.

Pusher plates,saggers,setters,etc.

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High Precision Sheet Cutter, Super Cutter, model PE1-600

The machine is a high precision sheet cutting machine, Super Cutter, which can use for a variety of applications such as packing materials, vulcanizing rubbers, soft resin materials, rubber magnets, ejection molded products, sponge rubber, erasing rubber, films, polarizing films, paper, felts , etc. Machines (model PE2-600) which have provisions for the Thompson-die cutting on request are also available. The feed mechanism is of the roller feed mechanism, but the feed is also numerically controlled.

Main Specification
Max. Cutting Width
600 mm
Max. Cutting Speed
210 times/min.
Feed Mechanism
Roller Feed Mechanism
Max. Cutting Pitch
0~8000 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness
Approx. 10 mm, but it may vary according to the Hardness of materials.
Approx. Machine Weight
1,000 kg.