Ferrite Powder
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Ferric Oxide

for sintered metals, hard/soft ferrite,ceramic parts,etc.

for hard ferrite,soft ferrite,bonded magnets,etc.

Pusher plates,saggers,setters,etc.

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3-Head Arc-Shaped Core Grinders , Model CG-3

This machine is an Arc-Shaped Core 3-Head Grinders which is provided with three grinding wheels built in. It is used for grinding of the outer and inner peripheral surfaces of anisotropic Arc-shaped ferrite cores, (called as Segment cores also). Since the machine is rigidly constructed so that it can stand with heavy duty of grinding for wet-pressed arc-shaped cores you can use it for large dimensions of cores. In addition to this, stable and uniform accuracy of grinding are possible due to a powerful feed-mechanism built in the machine. The machine is normally used in combination with the feeding machine and with chamfering machine which can be supplied as optional equipment. The machine, model CG-4, which is equipped with four grinding wheels can also be introduced to you on request according to the grinding conditions.

Main Specification
Approx. Core Dimensions
15~100 L x 10~100 W x 4-40 H (mm)
Outer Grinding Wheel
Ø 250 mm
Inner Grinding Wheel
Ø 250 mm
Main Spindle Motors
18.5 kW x 2 sets & 11 kW x 1 set
Approx. Machine Sizes
4900 L x 2540 W x 1400D (Operation Panel not included)
Arc-shaped (Segment) ferrite cores