Ferrite Powder
for bonded magnets
for MnZn ferrite
Ferric Oxide

for sintered metals, hard/soft ferrite,ceramic parts,etc.

for hard ferrite,soft ferrite,bonded magnets,etc.

Pusher plates,saggers,setters,etc.

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Secondly Process Rolling Machine - Vertical Type Rolling Machine for the secondary process in the sheet forming of flexible magnets

This is a Vertical Type Rolling Machine of which two pieces of rigid and precise rollers are vertically mounted on the main frame of the machine. The machine is used at the secondly process of sheet forming of anisotropic flexible magnets. The input material with the form of flexible sheets passes through this machine for a few times so that it can gradually obtain high magnetic properties required, and the process by this machine is also very important to determine final dimensional accuracy in the product thickness.

Main Specification
Pressure Rollers
Ø 450 x 6000 L (mm)
Max. Revolution Speed
11 r.p.m. - 15 Meter / Min
Material of Rollers
Bearing Steel, SUJ-2 (Equivalent to SAE 52100)
Main Motor
30 kW AC Motor
Approx. Machine Dimen.
3560 W x 1400 D x 2300 H (mm)
Anisotropic flexible magnets