Ferrite Powder
for bonded magnets
for MnZn ferrite
Ferric Oxide

for sintered metals, hard/soft ferrite,ceramic parts,etc.

for hard ferrite,soft ferrite,bonded magnets,etc.

Pusher plates,saggers,setters,etc.

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The high specific gravity materials in the DW series are obtained by mulling polyamid (Nylon) or other engineering plastics with tungsten or other high specific gravity fillers by an unique method.

Main Features

  • Various fillers can be chosen to achieve the desired specific gravity up to 14 g/cm 3.
  • General-purpose injection molding machines maybe used.
  • Small precision parts, conventionally considered unfit for metal processing, can be produced easily by the injection molding machines.
  • The materials in the DW series do not contain lead or other substances of environmental impacts and thus can replace lead products or other parts made by die-casting.
  • Various engineering plastic resins can be chosen to meet specific requirements (soldering heat resistance, strength, plating, etc.)
  • Slidability can be added.
  • The high specific gravity translates to absorption of vibrations which makes the materials good sound insulators.
  • High density fill of the metal allows the addition of conductivity to the resin.


Vibration motors, pendulums, fishing gears (sinkers, lures, nets), radiators, flywheels, electromagnetic wave absorption, turntables, balances, model guns, casting for audio equipment, etc.