Ferrite Powder
for bonded magnets
for MnZn ferrite
Ferric Oxide

for sintered metals, hard/soft ferrite,ceramic parts,etc.

for hard ferrite,soft ferrite,bonded magnets,etc.

Pusher plates,saggers,setters,etc.

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The ferrite and neodymium hybrid compounds in the HNI series combines the low cost of the ferrite material and the high magnetic properties of the neodymium-iron-boron material.

Main Features

  • The compounds in the HNI series deliver magnetic properties that normally belong to the sintered ferrite magnets while reducing the price to nearly a half that of the NdFeB materials.
  • Magnetic properties can be customized per request.
  • The outstanding moldability allows molding by a multiple cavity die.
  • The compounds deliver outstanding formability for injection molding free of cracks or chips.
  • The compounds allow complex, thin, insert, outsert and integrated moldings.
  • Recyclability is high and material separation does not occur.


DC micro motor components (rotors, stators), magnetic rolls, etc.